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NETWORK FOR PROGRESS PARTY: 4th Birthday of Obama For America’s “Yes We Can” Movement & Launch Celebration

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4th Birthday of Obama For America’s “Yes We Can” Movement & Launch Celebration


Colin Delany Blogger & Author, “Online Politics 101”


Managing Director, New Leaders Council – DC

ALMINA Khorakiwala

Chair, Women’s Information Network
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Network For Hope. Network For Change. Network For PROGRESS!

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COMING SOON: NFP is in development to officially launch on the 4th Anniversary of Obama For America on 2/10/2011!



“Network For Progress” is an interactive and creative grassroots community of Americans (including Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Republicans and those in between that comprised young people and many other under-served constituencies) who were inspired by the MAINSTREAM MAJORITY created by President Obama’s “Yes We Can” Movement of Hope and Change and seek to continue this cause through connecting, engaging and sharing with these supporters the relationships, ideas, news, information, resources and activities that will provide us with the tools to BECOME OUR OWN “OBAMA” who is empowered to bring progress to our lives in terms of the personal, professional and leadership skills that can help us change our town, our state, our nation and our world for the better as approach 2012 and beyond.

Movements are built via online and offline social networks of inclusive relationships developed through friends talking to friends, family talking to family, colleagues talking to colleagues, peers talking to peers and neighbors talking to neighbors. We seek to learn the lessons of what makes our Movement successful and learn how to make it even more effective so that every American can feel welcome and motivated to connect and participate in political and civic life. We will promote the work of Democratic, Progressive and Non-Partisan groups and activities that believe in this collective mission.

Here are a few key core ways a Movement’s network for progress can succeed:
– Thou shall share your vision with citizens to bring them hope NOT bring yourself fear of citizens who are ignorant of your vision.
– Thou shall reach out to citizens not wait for citizens to reach out to you.
– Thou shall make communication and implementation simple and change will follow.

It’s time to Network For Progress! Please join us.