VIDEO: A special Holiday Message from Barack & Joe….and Jim!

In Monthly Updates on December 23, 2011 by networkforprogress44

Season’s Greetings Hope Mongers!

Now that “Speaker Boehner The Grinch” has given us back our payroll tax cuts, it is a perfect time to reflect on this amazing year for Network For Progress & GO-DC.

I want to thank everyone who helped organize or join us at an event or otherwise participated online as we look to build a community of people inspired by the “Yes We Can” Movement that can spread the word about the cause of “progress” in 2012 & beyond.

In 2011, we hosted a packed State of the Union Watch Party at Local 16, a “Yes We Can” Movement Anniversary & N4P Launch Party appropriately at “Public” Bar, “1st Thursday” Progress Parties that were featured in the Style section of the Washington Post with great guests like Current TV’s David Shuster and former Congressman Tom Perriello, a social media and socialite-centric date auction that raised $5,000 plus speed dating and social/career development workshops that hopefully made a difference in the daily lives of our members.

It is tough to measure such things but this year we notched our third “date auction”-related engagement, proving quite clearly that we can make a difference for each other as a community with or without an election victory….whether it be helping someone improve their resume or find an event to get a job in Washington OR find a person they have some VERY IMPORTANT beliefs in common with to spend the rest of their lives together. (congrats Faith & Jason!)

Next year we hope to build on our 5,000+ member N4P/GO-DC community by offering more varied activities and engaging everyone further with ways that can make a difference for both the national election and our local neighborhoods.

We learned a lot this year how even just a few random. but inspired, citizens can come together with a creative idea and make an impact to change the social and media dynamic that controls the political dialogue in America and inspire moments like this….

VIDEO: President Obama’s speech on economic fairness

I look forward to working together with YOU creatively so Progressives, Democrats, Independents and even moderate Republicans in our Movement can make a similar impact in the VA/DC/MD region and beyond to help ensure a “Mandate for Progress” on November 6th so the childish political games are replaced by the adult governing cooperation our country deserves.

Here is a very special Holiday Message & Gift from Barack & Joe to bring some cheer as we “Hope 4 More” (years) in 2012!

Happy Holidays,

Jim McBride
Network For Progress & Generation Obama-DC


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