“FORWARD PROGRESSIVE” COLUMN: Let’s Support a “Yes We Can!” Candidate being told “No, You Can’t!” in Northern Virginia!

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by Jim McBride (aka “Forward Progressive”)

Former President, Arlington Young Democrats (2007 VAYD Club of the Year)
Former Vice Chair of Precinct Operations, Arlington Democrats (2005-2009)
Northern Virginia Organizer, Virginia Young Democrats (2009)
Founder, Generation Webb (2006)
Volunteer & Database Coordinator, Virginia For Obama (2008 Primary)
Founder & President, Generation Obama-Washington, DC (2007-Present)
Founder & President, Network for Progress (2011-Present)

I usually don’t get involved in primary politics (except for President, of course) but we apparently have a serious situation in the Northern Virginia State Senate race where a “Yes We Can!” Candidate, Obama Administration Appointee & Lt. Colonel JAG Officer Jaime Areizaga-Soto, is being told “No, You Can’t!” by some party leaders mostly because of one unchangeable fact…..he’s Latino!

As some of you may know, several members of the Virginia House of Delegates have made statements condemning the direct use of race as a reason Jaime isn’t the best candidate….which is especially curious despite the fact that a multi-ethnic fellow named Barack Obama trounced his Republican challenger in the ultra-progressive 31st district in 2008. Here are a couple articles about the tactics being used because Jaime is not the Establishment’s candidate:

“Delegates condemn Favola for what they say are race-based remarks”

“Favola pulls poll question calling Democratic Senate primary opponent a Republican”

Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia, who DRAFTED JIM WEBB to run for Senate in 2006 and probably the most respected blogger in Virginia, has posted several stories on the matter, including how Ms. Favola called him directly to say that Jaime being Latino is a reason to vote for her because he has no “base” here….a common message that the campaign has used all election season:

So here’s the deal, I have learned a lot in campaigning the last few years and I believe in the “New Kind of Politics” based on a message of Hope, Change & Progess that inspired the “Yes We Can” Movement during President Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. Yet this is the epitomy of the “Same Old Politics” that constantly sabotages the Democratic Party in election after election because some of our leaders are afraid to engage the grassroots and welcome new people into the process….which should be our strong point.


Jaime is reportedly within the margin of error in polling and these aggressive attacks back up the fact that the Favola campaign is scared he might win, so I ask that you join me by voting, volunteering, donating or social networking to help Jaime win this election so a progressive-minded grassroots candidate can fight for the People in Richmond!


Volunteer Sign Up:

Jaime has been endorsed by Delegates David Englin, Kaye Kory & Scott Surovell, Senator Chap Peterson, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington Richard Trodden, Former Chair of the Arlington County Democratic Comittee Peter Rousselot, Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association Local 2800, Virgina Partisans (LGBT Democrats of Virginia), Democratic Latino Orgnization of Virigina, NARAL Pro-Choice, Communications Workers of America and Virginia New Majority.

He also has received the endorsement of the Falls Church News Press:

Learn More & Donate:

Thanks for your time!


One Response to ““FORWARD PROGRESSIVE” COLUMN: Let’s Support a “Yes We Can!” Candidate being told “No, You Can’t!” in Northern Virginia!”

  1. There are Commonwealth’s Attorney, Delegate and State Senate races in Arlington and others in Virginia on Tuesday but the districts are complicated so here is some information about voting and how to find out what elections are in your precinct.

    In Arlington, you can vote from 6am-7pm 8/23 or early absentee @ Arlington Registar’s office from 8:30am-5pm 8/20 @ 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 320, Arlington, VA 22201-5400 in Court House Plaza @ Court House metro.

    Find out about voting and primary elections in your district @
    (If you don’t know your Precinct, click on “Where do i vote?” and enter your address then click on “District”….you can then type your Precinct into “What’s on My Ballot”)


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