Auctionee: Vivian Leslie

In Date Auction: Women on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

vivian -leslieAlthough Vivian works as a nurse and is good to have around in emergency situations, if your waiting for another situation to get Vivian’s phone number- Don’t hold your breath as she told us that this auction is “the ONLY way a guy will ever get my phone number.” Vivian also wins the editors choice /  ‘baffle them with your BS award’ for the following anecdote about her community service:

“I am working to get Obama reelected by registering to vote in multiple states under: Vivian Leslie, Leslie Vivian, Viv Leslie, Leslie V, LesV– ACCORN only had it partially right, my method equates to 5 additional votes for each voter.

This is a 20% net increase for the Democratic party as a whole if everyone follows my easy to use directions that will be posted at each bus stop nationwide, (because all of us know that Republicans never use public transportation). Hence, our voter tactics will be non-compromised thus ensuring Obama capturing his second term. The head of Five Votes For Obama Office, I suggest be headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. So there.”

Interested in: Men

Favorite thing about Obama: “I like how he is attempting to reform health care. His wife has toured
the country to promote healthier eating habits and exercise while flying on a big, fat jet. She wants there to be more fresh fruits and vegetables in the inner cities and she planted her own garden at the

A pick-up line that works: “Excuse me do you live around here often?”


One Response to “Auctionee: Vivian Leslie”

  1. Hot AND spicy! I love the sass. MEOW!

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