Auctionee: Sanam Vivansia

In Date Auction: Women on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

Sanam2If your looking for beauty, brains and some mystery here is your chance to score a date with a Sanam, a Persian-Swedish attorney who finds Washington D.C. to be one of the most professionally rewarding cities she has ever been to. As to what a date with Sanam will entail, she promises no cross-examinations! Otherwise she is open minded and up for trying new things, new people and new opportunities.

Interested in: Men

Favorite thing about Obama: “My favorite thing about the President is that he is an open-minded man. He welcomes and respects ALL people, no matter ethnicity, sex or religion. He is also a very clever man to have introduced the necessity of national health care for the American people. Having lived in Sweden all my life, I know that national health care is the backbone of any well-functioning and stabile developed country.”

A pick-up line that works: "Persian flavor with a Swedish touch!"


2 Responses to “Auctionee: Sanam Vivansia”

  1. She sounds very attractive. I would have bid at least $1 Million ;)

  2. Lovely….

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