Auctionee: Richard Carvalho

In Date Auction: Men on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

bbq4As you can see, Richard spends more than the recommended 20 minutes / 3x a week in the gym, so he didn’t have much time to fill out the questionnaire! A man of mystery and intrigue, Richard promises “a engaging, fun-filled, memorable evening,” interspaced with tales of his work to mentoring underprivileged youth with academic and culturally enriching activities. Some other things Richard enjoys include opening up stuck jars, giving out free tickets to the gun show and carrying heavy suitcases.

Interested in: Women

Favorite thing about Obama:  “His unifying resolve in achieving bipartisan solutions to our national challenges.”

A pick-up line that works: “Hi, I hope this doesn’t sound like a pick-up line, but…..”


2 Responses to “Auctionee: Richard Carvalho”

  1. Is that pic photoshopped!!!???? OMG.

  2. 100% all natural

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