Auctionee: Kouri Marshall

In Date Auction: Men on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

MarshallTo his great credit, despite his impressive background Kouri submitted a very humble questionnaire. However thanks to the magic of the Googles on the internet machines I can also let you know that before signing onto the President’s re-election campaign, Kouri worked at the Truman National Security Project, was a  Legislative Assistant at Operation HOPE, the former Chairman of Youth Entitlements Summit and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative University 2008 Inaugural Class as well as a Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership. For these accomplishments and others, he was also featured as one of top “40 under 40” leaders in DC by the EnVest Foundation.

On a more personal level, in addition to being a good guy with a healthy attitude and more than a few corny jokes to share, Kouri tells us that he “rocked a mighty afro as a child, and can play the saxophone. I enjoy classical music, in addition to Jay-Z and Kanye West being two of my favorite artists .”

Interested in: Women

Favorite thing about Obama: “I appreciate the fact that he really does care about average citizens.”

A pick-up line that works: “I lost my number, can I have yours? Wait, that’s whack…I am a pick up line!”


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