Auctionee: Justin Herman

In Date Auction: Men on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

268648_10150236623608195_513788194_7313186_7237976_nIf you haven’t gotten to know Justin somewhere on ‘the scene’ your either older than his hat or a total shut in. As the first gentlemen to step up and volunteer to be auctioned off, he explained that “bidding at a date auction is just shy of being as embarrassing as the line-up of GOP presidential nominees. Besides, I’m a veteran Space Command officer, in a rock and roll band, and am relatively gainfully employed – most importantly, my mom said I’m handsome… but that was long ago.”

So what will your dream date with Justin look like? “A date would include dinner, salacious stories, and joining my band backstage for our gig at Rock n’ Roll Hotel during DC Beer Week.

Interested in: Women

Favorite thing about Obama: “His graceful aging.”

First crush:  “Cyndi Lauper. I don’t want to hear about it, unless its from her.” 

What is your worst fear: L’Enfant Plaza

Thing you find most attractive about a woman: “Charm”

Do you speak foreign languages:  “I speak English and sparse Italian, but I’m fluent in Jive Turkey.”

What is the most exotic place that you have ever been:  “In the depths of a young woman’s glance. That or Waffle House.”

What is the most heroic thing you have ever done: Chased down robbers who mugged a woman 

How do you think you will know who you’re going to marry? ”When we sing ‘Jackson’ by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and it just feels right”

What is your best physical/personal attribute?  My beard – the rest gets complicated. 


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