Auctionee: Chris Olson

In Date Auction: Men on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray


ChrisOlson2011As the founder of, an new startup which provides associations and issue advocates communications and advocacy tools, you might think that think that Chris doesn’t have much time for anything else.  However Chris still finds the time to volunteer by serving as an organizer for We Honor Veterans as well as keep up an active social schedule that includes running, swimming, hiking and reading. As to what  a date with Chris might entail- be prepared to catch a hip local show at DC9, the Rock and Roll Hotel or Velvet Lounge.

Interested in: Women

Favorite thing about Obama: “I like how Obama is trying to combat extremism in both parties.”

A pick-up line that works: How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice.


3 Responses to “Auctionee: Chris Olson”

  1. why this cracka look like a treasure troll ahahah

  2. What a handsome young man!!! He looks like a great catch to me. Any lady lucky to land a date with him will surely have a night to remember.

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