Auctionee: Anthony Dale

In Date Auction: Men on August 10, 2011 by Tyler Gray

Anthony 1For someone like Anthony, the word ‘ambitious’ doesn’t quite cut it. Not only is Anthony serving our nation in the Marine Corps, he is also contributing to our economy as a small business owner, with his own political and government relations consulting firm! However its not all work for Anthony, as he tell us, “Whenever I am not working I try to get outside and really enjoy the nature. I would say I am a romantic, chivalry is not dead and I am on a crusade to pump some life back into it. As Honore De Balzac once said “‘The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.’”

As to what a date with Anthony entails, lets just say he aims high “I think someone should bid on a date with me if they really want to know what life is about. A date with me is not just dinner or movie, but it is an evening of bliss. Image a night where all you had to do was breath and I take care of the rest. Pampering is my specialty and her wish is my command.  So if they really want a night that all their friend will envy, then bid on me.

Interested in: Women

Favorite about Obama: “The thing that stands out to me most about the President besides his progressive agenda is that he is a family man. He always takes time to spend with his daughters and the First Lady. In my opinion that shows that no matter what he is committed to his family and ensuring that they are taken care of. “


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