Auctionee: Laura Coon

In Date Auction: Women on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

laura-coonAlthough she is a small town girl from Michigan, Laura is more widely traveled then the entire GOP presidential field, having visited Greece, Japan, Costa Rica and all 50 states, and territories (except American Samoa).  How does she get to travel so much? Quite simple! She has been in and out of prisons and jails for the last 7 years! (Investigating conditions of confinement as a civil rights lawyer at DOJ). In her free time she enjoys 
playing sports, taking in a show and attending cultural events. Laura loves to be outside, especially at the beach, chilling  poolside or hiking.  “Since I’m from a small town with little to do, I can create a fun time out of seemingly boring circumstances.”

Interested in: Men

Favorite thing about Obama: 
“As a civil rights lawyer, I admire his commitment to civil rights for all individuals and his ongoing support for strong enforcement of civil rights laws.”

A pick-up line that works:  Can I buy you a drink?  Or…can I buy you some ice cream?


3 Responses to “Auctionee: Laura Coon”

  1. Unfortunately I am already having a bunch of rowdy progressives over tonight to watch the Republic debate or I would come buy you and treat you to the world’s best ice cream (I would have said “can I buy you some ice cream?”, but I already have shipped in a large supply of the ice cream from Cincinnati for an ice cream party I plan to have later this month and you are for sale, though you seem like someone who would be very hard to buy). About me: I love being outdoors: hiking, camping, beach, pool, snowball fights just to name a few and I go to a play or musical about every week or two. Drop me a line at evcoren at yahoo if you want to grab ice cream.

  2. That was a frankly great read…

  3. I dont disagree with you..

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