Auctionee: Christine Ellman

In Date Auction: Women on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

C. Ellman 3Despite having her foot run over by a car three weeks ago, Christine still manages to break into random song and dance to Natasha Bedingfield at every opportunity. She has traveled to more countries than states and would rather be SCUBA diving or snorkeling, but not swimming instead of riding the metro. When the apes eventually take over, you will be glad you know Christine due to her experiencing surviving a monkey bit in Jaipur, India. As a volunteer with the United Nation’s Association Sustainable Development Committee, the Finance Director of women’s organization and the Environmental Network Co-Chair of WIN, Christine believes that: “Every person can enact change; it might not be the world, but you can change a person, a community.”

Interested in: Men

Favorite thing about Obama:  “I am most impressed his tenacity and positivity despite so much adversity and what that has slowly but surely accomplished: relaxing Anti-American tensions throughout the world, coming as far as he has on health-care reform (an issue that has confounded so many presidents before him), choosing the nation’s first Latina justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and trying to be one of the greenest Presidents in history.”

A pick-up line that works:  “Let’s make like fabric softener and snuggle.”


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