Auctionee: Bethany Quinn

In Date Auction: Women on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

bethany-quinnNot only is Bethany is a true wonk and policy nerd- she is also union approved! If you’re a true progressive with a passion for economic issues and a dislike of “our society’s obsession with how the market will react,” there is a good chance you two will get along. A local food aficionado who makes a tasty “tortellini
with shitake-sage-vermouth sauce,” you should bid high and often knowing that 1/2 the money raised will go towards The Revolve Network, which supports women in conflict areas like the Congo (Bethany is a board member).  As a world traveler who spent some time with unionized bank workers in Brazil, Bethany has a unique perspective about the discontent some progressives have with President Obama:

“They (the Brazilian workers) had assumed that after the major battle they went through to get ‘their guy’ elected, he would just push reforms through for them, but they discovered that they still had to, ‘Cobrar, cobrar, cobrar’ – collect / demand, demand, demand. They achieved major reforms, but in many ways, the election was only the beginning of the hardest work they had ever done, and they were still pushing for more.”

Interested in: Men

How she is working to make the community better: After fighting for working class during the day, Bethany turns her attention to international issues for the Resolve Network.  Some of her current projects include hosting the upcoming Women’s Peace Summit and launching a crisis-mapping tool called WeNet to chart violence in the Congo.

A pick-up line that works: “It depends on the situation, but I’d say my most reliable is at a crowded bar/when a guy is having trouble getting the bartender’s attention, saying, ‘Need to borrow some


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