Auctionee: Asif Khan

In Date Auction: Men on August 9, 2011 by networkforprogress44

Asif Khan has lived in SIX countries and says he has always tried to educate people about other countries and cultures in order to promote greater understanding and co-operation.  He is planning to start a high school exchange program with countries in the Near East and Central Asia.  Don’t worry though, he’s not all work.  Asif also has the hook up at many of the best bars and restaurants in D.C. and is ready to take YOU yes YOU out on the town!

Interested in: Men and Women.

Favorite thing about Obama: a quote: “Part of what makes America so beautiful is there is no such thing as someone who looks like an American”.

Pick-up line that works: Hi, I’m Asif, what’s your name?  (We assume his smile alone melts hearts)


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