Auctionee: Amanda Deatherage

In Date Auction: Women on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

Amanda-DeatheridgeIf you’re a man of diverse and refined tastes such as football and flamenco dancing or are just looking to broaden your knowledge of the local landscape by visiting jazz clubs on U street-You should meet Amanda. Study up on Indonesia and when E.T. by Katy Perry comes on, be ready to talk communications strategies and the your contributions to local charity events.

Interested in: Men

Favorite thing about President Obama? “Positive message; desire to actually address issues, not play politics (real fix not band aid); leadership style is strategic and thoughtful not strong arm; and communication with the American people.”

Tell us a pick-up line that works. “Depends on the setting, circumstances – something witty…Why am I still single??  Haven’t heard one yet!”


One Response to “Auctionee: Amanda Deatherage”

  1. I plan to put down a decent amount…though I may not be able to reap the initial benefits other than knowing my money would go to a good place and cause…

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