Auctionee: Alex Priest

In Date Auction: Men on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

alex-priestAs one of the top social media personalities in DC, many are surprised to find out that Alex just graduated from AU this year, especially given his record of working to build up the entrepreneurial community of DC and on side projects to get people excited about social media, technology and even public transit. As to why you want to bid early and often for Alex, he tell us that “Because I’m young, intelligent, progressive, fairly attractive, well connected, gainfully employed, and a good listener. And I’m humble. ;-)”

Regarding how your date will go, it will certainly not be limited to 140 characters:

“A date with me might include a visit to Meridian Hill Park (since it’s far and away the most under-appreciated park in DC), a good dinner at a place with a nice atmosphere, and classy after-dinner cocktails at the Gibson. Who needs the W rooftop when you can settle down in style for a good conversation and some nice bourbon, off-the-menu cocktails?

Alternatively, I might go for an outdoorsy date–perhaps a solid, speedy bike ride, or a hike along Great Falls, followed up by a relaxing dinner and a movie and drinks at E Street Cinema.”

Interested in: Women

Favorite thing about Obama: “
His calm and his intelligence. It’s easy to get worked up about some of the things the opposition manages to screw up, and it’s hard not to go off a little bit when you see someone absolutely refuse to listen or compromise. But President Obama manages to keep it together, and that’s a truly impressive trait for someone in such a high pressure position.”

A pick-up line that works:  “Hi, I’m Alex. What’s your story?”


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