Auction Experience: Men’s Life Coaching Session with Brother James & Ernesto

In Date Auction on August 9, 2011 by Tyler Gray

pickupLets face it guys, with the stock market a complete mess and a tough market for new jobs, if your going to find ‘the one,’ it helps to have a some resources at your disposal besides your bank account. Recently featured on the Today Show and in The Washington Post, James and Ernesto are actual relationship coaches who will help you not only survive the first date, but also get a second or third!

ABOUT BROTHER JAMES: James Norton (Brother James) is the co-owner and co-founder of Professional Pickup.  He has been acknowledged as one of the rising stars of dating coaches having been asked to speak at 4 dating conferences across the U.S. during this past year.  His speeches are now appearing on DVDs which have been distributed around the world.

ABOUT ERNESTO: Ernesto Glueckmann is a professional entrepreneur by day who spends his career developing client relationships for business and consulting organizations how to improve their online presence.  By night, he spends time instructing men and women how be more attractive and develop relationships with others. Ernesto is a former director on The Attraction Vault, the Leading East Coast Dating and Social Life Mastery Community for men.  He is the winner of Washington DC’s 2009 & 2008’s The Mentor Award and 2008’s Master Wingman Award.


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